Let's give this a shot.

So, I'm horrible at Twitter, I mean, REALLY bad.

I like to use big words and often struggle to boil my thinking down to 140 characters,  especially when I'm talking about design.  (Although let's be honest - Twitter shouldn't count the characters in URLs, that just seems cheap. Come on Twitter, now that you've IPO'd, you can afford a few extra characters!)

Anyway, I like to gab, and I'm frequently delusional enough to believe that other people might be interested in what I'm thinking about - especially as it pertains to user experience.

Fair warning to readers: you may find a great deal of "innovation" in my use of capitalization, spelling and grammar. Just consider it part of my charm.

I'm a proud dyslexic, and tend to follow my own rules where those matters are concerned. I'll try and behave myself, but you English majors should check your red pencils at the door.  You've been warned.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and checking out the portfolio. It sort of goes without saying that this is always going to be a work in progress, but thanks for dropping by and hanging out. Enjoy the ride.