Scaring trout on the Yakima River

Scaring trout on the Yakima River

About Me

More than you wanted to know

I’m an experienced product design leader for large-scale technology products. My experience includes leading design and strategy for award-winning consumer software, hardware products, cloud services, crowdsource marketplaces and global "last mile" logistics systems. 

I've been a design leader and built multi-disciplinary service design teams at companies ranging from pre-seed startups to major consumer products and services at Adobe, Microsoft, and Amazon.

I am fascinated by the weird and wonderful ways people learn, interact with, and use technology to adapt to the world around them. 

I experienced that freedom the first time I was allowed to use a word processor.  I discovered that even crude computers and software could free me from my dyslexia, which shackled my words to loose leaf soaked in low expectations and covered in oceans of red ink. Technology liberated me from a school system not designed for people like me.

That experience led me to a career that works at the intersection of human needs, technology, and market fit. I see the signal of opportunities in the noise of big data and envision stuff that frees people to realize their potential. I am an optimist at heart. 

As a former teacher, I'm driven by a desire to help people learn and grow.  I gravitate to leadership roles where I can build and mentor teams that become strategic force multipliers. I know how to foster talent and develop "contributors" into leaders, innovators, and mentors with broad impact. 

My experience includes:
• K-12 products for children, parents, teachers, and schools
• Adaptive games and interactive learning environments for museums and public spaces
• Public health initiatives to improve the lives of children
• Voice-based interfaces, including shipping the V1 Amazon Alexa domains for shopping, home automation, and Alexa Skills and Skills Store.
• Computer vision (Amazon Firefly)  and multi-modal interfaces
• In-vehicle navigation and listening experiences
• Desktop (Windows, OSX), and mobile software (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), and responsive web services.

Raised in the wilds of Suburban Washington D.C., and instructed in the finer points of Catholic guilt by Jesuit Priests. I spent my formative years fighting with my four younger brothers causing both of my parents to go completely grey by 35. 

Since then, I’ve managed to work, live or travel to 38 states, eight foreign countries, one semi-sovereign territory and four out of seven continents.

I currently live in Seattle with my wife, our three children, and a dog with a dubious pedigree named Pete. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with smart, interesting people that want to change the world.