Photography by my wife.

About Me


More than you wanted to know

I’m a experienced  product design leader for large-scale consumer technology products at Adobe, Microsoft and Amazon.

I lead world-class, multidisciplinary product design teams obsessed with solving hard human problems. I am an optimist who uses technology and innovation as a lens to identify disruptive opportunities, improve people’s lives, and drive business results.

I build teams, guide strategy, envision possibilities, drive innovation, and partner with business and engineering leaders to craft and launch breakthrough services and products that make customers feel powerful and smart.

I am fascinated by the weird and wonderful ways people learn, interact with, and use technology to adapt to the world around them. As a former teacher and coach, I am motivated by a desire to help people learn and grow. As a dyslexic, I see technology as a powerful tool that removes impediments to a diversity of problems, freeing people to thrive and achieve on their own merits.

My experience includes:
• K-12 products for children and education
• Adaptive games and interactive learning environments for museums and public spaces
• Public health initiatives to improve the lives of children
• Voice-based interfaces, including shopping, communications, home automation, accessibility, and more for Amazon Alexa
• Computer vision and NUI
• In-vehicle navigation and listening experiences
• Desktop, Mobile and Web products and services.

Raised in the wilds of Suburban Washington D.C., I spent my formative years fighting with my four younger brothers and being instructed in the finer points of Catholic guilt by Jesuit priests. Since then, I’ve managed to work, live or travel to 38 states, eight foreign countries, one semi-sovereign territory and four out of seven continents.

I currently live in Seattle with my wife, our three children, and and a dog with dubious origins named Pete. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to work with smart, interesting people that want to change the world.