Audible Guided Reviews

One of the best things about online shopping is helpful customer reviews, they help users make good purchasing decisions, and engender trust in the shopping experience. With all of that helpfulness, you would think more people would actually write them.

One of the early projects I worked on at Audible was to improve the review writing process, to make it easier for people who might normally write a review to participate in the conversation.

Enter "Guided Reviews".  Audible Guided reviews added a new way for customers to review a book they loved, hated, or "meh".

The premise behind the feature is simple. Give the book a rating on three different criteria, and then we'll ask you a few questions based on those ratings. It's a lot easier to answer a few simple questions than to stare at a blank form field trying to think of something profound or witty to say isn't it?

The best part for me is that the new feature was a huge success for customers (lots more reviews from new users) and even resulted in my first patent application.