Meet Lynde Bradlely 

Lynde was one of Milwaukee’s historic city fathers from the early 20th century. His avatar greets visitors to Rockwell Automation’s “Dream Machine” at the entrance to Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Lynde is built on the Ogre Game engine and was modeled in Maya. He reacts to users dynamically when they enter the area in front of his monitor by relying on a infrared camera detection system. Lynde is programmed to distinguish between different people and react to what they do when they enter “his space”. For instance, when a user enters the area after Lynde has begun speaking, he’ll interrupt himself and welcome the new user. If a user leaves before he finishes, he’ll ask them where they are going.

My role on the project was to be the principle designer, writer and client contact for the project. I worked with the animation team, the hardware team and programming team to design, specify, program, and install the project on an extremely tight timeline under difficult and changing conditions.